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            At SAY Security Group, we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction in product and service. This pledge is not just something we preach, but it’s also something we practice. From your first phone call to your final transaction, we are right alongside you every step of the way, supporting and guiding your product decisions. Offering a superior line of products gives our OEMs, dealers, and distributors a competitive edge in the market. Chiefly, we are a service company that is committed to selling top-of-the-line digital video equipment. This primary commitment to service is what makes us different.

            Delivering success for our clients is the standard on which our company is founded. We place our complete trust in the performance of our equipment and distribute it with the greatest pride. It is exciting to witness how our dealer and distributor base continues to expand with every satisfied customer. We understand that challenges and obstacles emerge with every installation or on-site dilemma, but we view these adversities as an opportunity to prove our commitment to you, the customer.

            May I offer my personal assistance with any need that requires attention. We appreciate your business and look forward to growing with you.


            Jason Szuch
            President, SAY Security Group USA