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            Management Team

            Jason Szuch

            Jason Szuch — President

            Jason Szuch is recognized in the Security Industry as one of its youngest and fastest up-and-coming leaders. Since 2002, Jason has founded several technology-related start-up companies; all of these companies have seen triple-digit growth, and SAY Security is no exception.

            Before entering the Security Industry, Jason spent 5 years in the Hospitality Industry working as General Manager for one of the USA’s largest Hoteliers. He then spent 2 years working as digital video recording Product Manager for one of the largest privately held Fire and Security Integrators in the Midwest. Today, he is responsible for overseeing all Mobile Witness operations including production, sales, and product development.

            Under Jason’s leadership, Mobile Witness and SAY Security were recognized as one of the 565 fastest-growing companies in the US in 2007.

            ?Shan Griffin

            Shan Griffin — Chief Operating Officer

            Shan Griffin’s experience and involvement in multiple arenas of business and technology helps him to be an even more efficient Chief Operating Officer. He is extremely detail-oriented and is poised to ensure that SAY Security stays on target.

            Over the past 18 years, Shan Griffin has worked in a wide variety of positions that have given him the experience to succeed with SAY Security. For 9 years, Shan gained extensive experience in internet and security technologies. During 4 of those years, Shan worked in a variety of capacities within the Network Operations Center for UUNET, WorldCom, & MCI. Before entering the world of technology, Shan spent 9 years in the Manufacturing Industry, where he was involved in the production, quality control, and management of filtration products manufactured for Honda of America.

            Most recently, for over 5 years, Shan has managed multiple successful technology companies that have seen explosive growth; two of these companies include Hospitality WiFi & SAY Security USA.

            ?Jon Ring

            Jon Ring — Vice President of Research & Development

            Jon Ring has been with the Research & Development department since it was formed in 2006. He has shown himself to be a skilled software developer through a variety of projects ranging from web-based user interfaces to embedded hardware.

            For the past 4 years, Jon has overseen software design and development, product testing, and advanced research in several areas. He involves himself with every aspect of R & D, from the research and assignment of projects down to the individual lines of code. Jon has built a highly knowledgeable team of engineers. He also utilizes several interns from local universities to help SAY Security stay on the cutting edge while providing students with knowledge and real-world experience.

            Under Jon’s leadership, the R & D department has more than doubled since its inception.

            ?Miguel Rojas Campos

            Miguel Rojas Campos — Mobile DVR Product Manager

            Miguel Rojas Campos joined SAY in 2007 as part of its Technical Support team, performing Sales Management functions for the Spanish-speaking market on the side.

            Miguel has 23 years of experience across the range of Information Technology, including Technical Support, Programming, Database Architecting, Database Administration, Computer Centers Management, Technical Support Management, and Logistics Coordination from the IT perspective. Prior to joining SAY Security, Miguel worked in Mexico for successful firms in the banking, poultry, and automotive industries.

            Miguel’s broad knowledge of IT and rapport with customers have been key in creating a bridge between users, sales, and R&D, as well as in the evolution of SAY Security from a provider of fixed CCTV products to a broader solutions provider. Miguel has been instrumental in the development of SAY Security’s leading Mobile CCTV solutions and the creation of its customizable Mobile Witness platform.

            ?Melanie Swiderek

            Melanie Swiderek — Marketing Manager

            Melanie Swiderek joined SAY Security in 2012 to head its Marketing efforts. She holds a Ph.D. from Cornell University and spent several years studying how messages affect beliefs, which led to her current focus on Marketing Communications.

            Prior to joining SAY Security, Melanie gained more than 10 years of experience in technical writing, patent writing, and content creation. She has worked for a variety of high-tech companies and electronics standards creation groups in the areas of industrial wireless communication, mobile communication, and enterprise network technology.

            Melanie’s specialty is bridging the gap between technical content and general understanding. Her career has straddled the boundary between marketing and technical communications, and she co-holds a patent related to asset location using electronic tags.