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            February 25, 2014


            Introducing Auto Download Software 4.0

            Save time and effort with automated downloads and improved management

            Auto Download Software? (ADS) automatically downloads video from your Mobile Control Units via wireless or wired network connection. With ADS, each Mobile Control Unit will automatically push video to the Auto Download Server? whenever an equipped vehicle arrives at its home station and connects to an access point, eliminating the need to download individual files (videos, event information, etc.) to the server and saving you time and money.

            Along with powerful management and search functions and customization options, the new ADS 4.0 includes even more features to assist you with video downloads and management:

            • More information has been added to the database, enabling you to track how fast your files download over Wi-Fi.
            • ?ADS now allows you to download videos automatically based on schedules targeted to specific vehicles or other criteria.
            • Log recording has been tremendously improved to enhance the video chain of custody for evidence in legal cases.
            • ADS 4.0 works with ADS-Enterprise Manager (sold separately), allowing for videos from multiple regional servers to be centralized into a master database to improve searches and data backup.

            Contact us today to find out more about how ADS 4.0 can help you save time and money on video downloads and management.













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