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            DVR Upgrades for Life

            SAY Security is committed to providing top-of-the-line equipment with superior service, and we stand behind everything we do.

            One way of demonstrating how strongly we believe in our products is through our DVR Upgrades for Life program. With this program, when you purchase SAY Security DVR/NVR equipment along with a per-channel software license, you become eligible for DVR/NVR upgrades for the life of your contract, at no additional cost to you.

            You can always have the latest DVR/NVR equipment without continually buying new hardware. It’s easy- just continue to renew your software license, and we will upgrade your hardware.

            Contact us for more information about how to enroll in this program.



            Our “Advanced Placement Program: Free Hybrid DVR/NVRs for Life” is a great way to help your customers upgrade to IP cameras by providing hybrid DVR/NVR equipment without added cost to you.* You pay nothing up front*; a competitive, per-channel license fee is only charged when equipment is installed and activated for your customer. Contact us to find out more.

            *If you choose to have us install additional surveillance-quality hard drives, a cost will be associated with this upgrade.