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            Urban Witness Field-Deployable CCTV System

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            Protect Your Neighborhood, Your City, Your Worksite…

            Urban Witness? is a fully customizable solution for localized surveillance, such as in urban neighborhoods or at worksites. A “complete surveillance system in a box,” Urban Witness is pre-engineered for rapid field deployment.

            Urban Witness includes state-of-the art, plug-and-play DVRs that can record and transmit video data to a central management location using ADS?, our Automated Download Service that automatically downloads data on schedule. With MobileLink?, our easy-to-use solution for centralized video and data monitoring, you can monitor an area with alarms, video, and audio to show you exactly what is going on.

            VZW UW
            Urban Witness on street

            Data can be transmitted via Wi-Fi, cellular, or wired networks, and devices can be battery- or AC-powered. With connectivity via Verizon 4G LTE, the Urban Witness solution becomes even more versatile: Devices can be deployed as they are needed in different locations, rather than being wired to a single location. This enables you to move equipment from place to place, for example, as crime rates change in different neighborhoods, as public events occur in various locations, or as you move from one worksite to another. Equipment can be deployed temporarily on towers, light poles, or other existing structures and is rugged enough to withstand a wide variety of environmental conditions.

            Urban Witness helps reduce crime, encourages situational awareness, and improves community safety and relations.



            • NEMA4 enclosure to provide protection in a variety of environmental conditions (such as rain, sleet, snow, dust/dirt, splashing water, or external ice formations)
            • Verizon M2M-ready
            • Remote video on-demand with low data rate substream
            • Recording at the edge with 1TB of onboard storage
            • Built-in Wi-Fi for local download of recorded video
            • Ability to enable interaction with third-party hardware such as PTZ cameras
            • Customizable to fit the needs of your environment and application
            • Optional HD video
            • Optional RFID asset tracking