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            Asset Management with Urban Witness & RFID Tracking

            On the Job Site or on the Road…Know Where Your Assets Are


            How do you know what’s happening to your equipment and other assets when you’re not looking? The Mobile Witness Asset Management System combines the job site tracking capability of our Urban Witness localized surveillance system with the mobile tracking capability of our RFID tracking system.

            Urban Witness, our “complete surveillance system in a box,” can be customized for asset tracking at job sites with the addition of a long-range RFID reader/antenna (and optional CCTV cameras). Valuable assets can be tagged, allowing the system to track the location of those assets and even provide video of what’s going on. Urban Witness uses built-in Verizon M2M technology to communicate the status of your assets with our MobileLink cloud server. The cloud server will actively keep track of your assets within the job site and can be set to alert if any assets are removed from the site.


            Examples of asset tags


            When combined with CCTV cameras, Urban Witness can even provide video related to an alert so that you can see what’s happening to your assets when they’re moved.

            If assets are transported between locations using company-owned vehicles, those vehicles can also be equipped with our mobile asset tracking technology. Equipment in the vehicle can transmit both the RFID status of the assets and the GPS location of the vehicle. If a tagged asset is removed from the vehicle, the system can transmit the status and location and an alert that an asset has been removed. If an asset is supposed to remain stationary, motion-activated RFID tags are available to alert upon movement.

            Assets are tagged using ruggedized active RFID tags, which have the ability to track assets at longer range than standard RFID tags. Optional tamper-proof tags can even send an alert when someone attempts to remove the tag from the asset it’s protecting. Tags can be moved among assets and the entire system is mobile and configurable, allowing you to arrange components to meet the needs of your application.


            • Mobile RFID solution with CCTV, GPS, and 4G connectivity
            • Mobile and remote asset tracking
            • Verizon M2M-ready
            • Remote video on-demand with low data rate substream
            • Built-in Wi-Fi for local download of recorded video
            • Up to 2500ft RFID read range
            • Geofence safe zones
            • Automatic alarm uploads to the cloud
            • Ability to enable interaction with third-party hardware such as PTZ cameras
            • Customizable to fit the needs of your environment and application
            • Optional HD video
            • Optional tamper-proof tags send alarms if removed or damaged
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