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            Local Asset Tracking System

            What’s Happening to Your Assets?

            Expensive equipment. Fleet vehicles. At-risk patients. How do you know what’s happening to them when you’re not looking? The Mobile Witness Asset Tracking System is a unique mobile RFID solution that includes CCTV, GPS, and 4G connectivity to help keep your assets where they belong. Tags can be placed on valuable items that need tracking—even at-risk elderly or patients can be tagged. When a tagged item moves in an unexpected way or at an unusual time, you can be alerted to that event and receive live video on-demand through our fast 4G?LTE connection to help determine what’s happening to your assets.

            The RFID reader can detect tags up to 1 mile away. Tamper-proof tags can even send an alert when someone attempts to remove the tag from the asset it’s protecting. The Mobile Witness MCU can also send alerts when the asset is being taken outside of its monitoring radius. Tags can be moved among assets and the entire system is mobile, allowing you to arrange components to meet your needs.

            Examples of asset tags

            examples of asset tags
            construction equipment

            The Asset Tracking System can be used in a wide variety of situations.

            Example 1 – Urban Witness: Heavy equipment is stored at a construction site. Even the smaller items can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Security personnel can’t watch the entire site at all hours. When a large drill is moved at midnight, the Asset Tracking System notifies you, tracks the drill’s tag, and provides 4G- streaming video so you can see what’s happening in real time.

            Example 2 – Mobile Witness: A social worker is performing home visits. Most of the time they’re straightforward, but sometimes situations can get out of hand when they involve people in crisis. When a client with a history of domestic violence gets angry at the social worker and blocks her exit, the worker presses her panic button, which sends an alert to authorities, along with the GPS location of her vehicle.


            • Mobile RFID solution with CCTV, GPS, and 4G connectivity
            • Mobile and remote asset tracking
            • Up to 2500ft read range
            • Geofence safe zones
            • Automatic alarm uploads to the cloud
            • Optional tamper-proof tags send alarms if removed or damaged

            social worker