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            SAY Security provides solutions for keeping students safer and providing parents and administrators with greater peace of mind, while also saving time and money. SAY Security offers a complete line of fixed and mobile cameras, DVRs, and accessories that can be used on school buses, on campuses, and in other locations to improve the safety of children.

            Our school bus solutions use the transportation-grade technology of the Mobile Witness Mobile Control Unit?, which allows for capabilities such as on-board cameras (for recording or live feeds), active and passive GPS tracking, and automated maintenance and safety alerts (such as when tire pressure is low or when erratic driving is detected). Mobile Witness is currently the only company that can provide all of these technologies within a single system, thereby increasing benefits, lowering total cost of ownership, and improving ROI.

            children boarding school bus

            The Mobile Witness Student Accountability System is designed to track students in the school transportation system in real time. Read more about the Student Accountability System…

            The Mobile Witness high-definition stop arm camera provides video footage to improve safety around the bus and a potential deterrent to keep students safe from stop arm violators. Read more about the HD Stop Arm Camera…